What we do

At Sonic Hill, we offer any kind of music creation or other type of recording (voice-overs, commercials, …).
Please contact us for pricing.


After each session we deliver a rough mix (panning and volume control) in mp3 format and if required also the individual tracks as wav files.

Mixing & editing

Imperfections in recordings are corrected and compression, EQ and effects are applied so a perfectly glued mix is obtained. We deliver the mix in mp3 format and in wav format. If required we can also deliver the indvidual tracks as wav files.


Mastering your track makes it ready for putting it out there on the market. We offer in-house mastering for productions intended for the online market (iTunes, Spotify, …).

Mastering for CD production is handled by an affiliated professional mastering studio.


We can help you think creatively about how a song is built and should eventually sound. We can make string arrangements, find supporting musicians or help you find that one “hook” that makes your song noticable.


You have a great melody but you can’t come up with the correct words? We can help you write lyrics in Dutch, French or English, which match perfectly with the story you want to tell.