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Vocals: Leen Boudt You used to tell me everything You showed me what to do Whenever trouble came my way I could rely on you Why did you have to leave this world? It’s hard to understand Your faith decided you were Better off in heaven’s hands Mama…I’m scared without you Mama…what can I do? I’m feeling cold, I’m feeling lost There’s no one left for me to trust You’ve

What If I Loved You

Vocals: Lisa Vanspranghe I keep pretending that we’re meant to be Two souls colliding for eternity And deep inside it feels like this is for real That we’ll always believe in the way that we feel But if this story’s really meant to last Why do you say that I am moving too fast? Each time you realize that I’m longing for more You keep walking away, always closing the


Vocals: Lisa Vanspranghe Tears are shed in doubt, I’m reaching out for a sign Why this awkward sound, a voice that haunts through the night While our future fades away You don’t seem to care I still feel my body yearning for your love But it feels so hollow, it feels so hollow Somewhere deep inside I know that we belong But it feels so hollow, it feels so hollow

Bring It On

Vocals: Lisa Vanspranghe It feels like I have spent a lifetime trapped behind a wall Like everything I’ve learnt has only kept me from my goal While every second passing is another story told It’s getting cold But now the time has come to take a stand and search the light It’s time to realize that I can’t win without a fight I need to find myself within the dream

Kiss Yourself Goodbye

Vocals: Leen Boudt I told you once and I told you twice I don’t believe in lullabies I don’t need the perfect life you sell Cause I was never looking for a fairy-tale Listen to the words that I have to say And keep them on your mind You may have the money and a pretty face But don’t you cross that line I don’t wanna crash your party I